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Benefits of Hiring a Health Coach

We spend 86% of our healthcare dollars on the treatment of chronic diseases as a nation.

With the oversaturation of quick click social media posts, it’s difficult to know who to trust.

Health Coaches play a key role in helping clients develop healthier lifestyles, enriching their lives with encouragement, expertise, and support.

Why hire a health coach?

  • Health coaches will not make dramatic changes to your lifestyle until you are ready.

  • Health coaches provide emotional support.

  • Health coaches will make themselves available to you, whether it’s via text, phone, or email, in your moments of need.

  • Health coaches keep you accountable to your personal health and lifestyle goals.

  • Health coaches customize plans specifically for you.

  • Health coaches work with you to outline a plan tailored to your lifestyle and needs which sets you up to reach your personal goals.

  • Health coaches teach you how to avoid long term health issues, and help you save on money on healthcare.

  • Health coaches WANT to see their clients succeed!

You don’t have to do the journey alone. Any change to your lifestyle can be overwhelming and having a coach to guide and cheer you on makes it easier and fun.



Fatima Pagtakhan is the Health Anit-Guru found at Kind Heart Lifestyle.


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