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Permanent Makeup is recommended for men and women of all skin types and a fantastic alternative to plastic surgery.


When referring to 'skin type' for any cosmetic tattoo procedure certain conditions such as color, oily and/or dry your treatment area is, as well as your your health condition play a factor in the healing process and results.


Pre-existing conditions, skin sensitivity, and health of the client in addition to health of their skin all are key elements when a trained technician is consulting with a client before scheduling a cosmetic tattoo service. It is best to provide as much information as possible with your Evoluer Microblading and PMU professional technician before scheduling your procedure. 

Review the information below to know what cosmetic tattoo technique is best for your skin type and what permanent makeup results to expect.

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Permanent makeup in dark skin creates a natural look even on dark skin tones. However, ethnic lip-coloring is a complex procedure that requires knowledge and experience of color theory and color-mixing.  Before scheduling your cosmetic tattoo procedure, there are a few things you should know. 

  • A particular shade cannot be guaranteed by any cosmetic tattoo procedure.

  • Melanated skin can easily become scarred or hyperpigmented if techniques are not done correctly. The skin can also become hypopigmented which is loss of skin colour due to trauma.  

  • In darker ethnic skin types, where vitiligo is more visible, stable patches can be effectively camouflaged by cosmetic tattooing.

  • Proper analysis of skin tones and undertones before your treatment is necessary to help determine if pigments need to be modified.

  • Lip blushing and color neutralization procedures may take up to four to five or more sessions, depending upon the healing results and the number of sessions it takes to neutralize the color of the skin.

  • Performing permanent eyeliner and/or lip tattoos on very dark skin is inadvisable. 

Pro Tip: The best eyebrow techniques for black and brown skin are machine stroke and powder eyebrows. Permanent eyebrow tattoo can be safely and beautifully created by a knowledgeable artist who understands how the pigment color interacts with the complexities of the skin.

Contact Evoluer Microblading and PMU before scheduling your service to determine which treatment is best for you.

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Trained cosmetic tattoo technicians can pick the perfect shades and colors for medium skin types by using the Fitzpatrick Scale. Before scheduling your permanent makeup treatment, there are a few things to know.

  • Analysis of the skin type and undertone is a crucial step that needs to be undertaken before performing permanent makeup procedures.

  • Oily skin has more sebaceous glands and oil glands as compared to any other skin type and women of color tend to be of the oily skin type.

  • microblading and permanent makeup tend to have really less longevity and fades out faster on oily skin due to pigments becoming diluted by the oil and resulting in a "blurred-out" effect.

If you have oily skin, you have to go for frequent touch-ups to keep the permanent makeup looking fresh.


Pro Tip: Ombre Powder Brow is the best option for oily skin types. With the right knowledge about colors, skin undertones, and techniques, you can surely achieve the desired results.

Contact Evoluer Microblading and PMU before scheduling your service to determine which treatment is best for you.

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light SKIN

Those with fair, pale, or light skin are great candidates for cosmetic tattoo procedures. When performed by a skilled technician, permanent makeup should give the illusion of 'born with it' beauty". Futhermore, permanent makeup can be used to hide skin imperfections around the eyes and lips in fair / light skin tones. However, there are a few things to know before scheduling your cosmetic tattoo procedure.


  • Short-term side effects of permanent makeup may include swelling, tenderness, and occasional bruising.

  • If you have sun damaged skin, cosmetic tattoo can result in poor retention of pigment. Keloid history may increase your risk of scarring after permanent makeup.

  • Expect a change in the intensity and shade of the pigmentation over the first couple of weeks after any cosmetic tattoo procedure.

  • The freckle cosmetic tattoo procedure look best on light skin shades.

  • If you have little to no eyebrow hair, Ombre Powder Brows will not look good on fair / light skin.

  • HD eyebrows for are recommended for light / fair skin types.

Pro Tip: For light skin types,  lip blushing the best colors are nude toned: peachy, cool pink shades. Avoid dark shades of brown or burgundy, as they'll contrast too much with pale skin. 

Contact Evoluer Microblading and PMU before scheduling your service to determine which treatment is best for you.

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Everyone heals differently. Although permanent makeup is usually quite safe for sensitive skin types, there are pro tips you need to know to avoid an allergic reaction. In rare cases of sensitive skin allergic reactions may be inflammation, redness, pain, swelling, rash or itching at the site.


  • Before booking, consult your doctor and with your microblading / permanent makeup technician first. Make sure you know exactly what will be going on your skin, in case it turns out to be something you're sensitive to.

  • Seven days prior to your procedure, it’s preferred that you not take products that will “thin” your blood, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and medically-prescribed “blood thinners” (such as Coumadin and Plavix).

  • Before your treatment, use a mild soap or cleanser that is specifically designed for sensitive skin, make sure you use a cleanser that won't compromise the integrity of your skin barrier. Moisturizing is important; inflamed or dry skin is much more likely to be irritated from the procedure.

  • After your treatment, use sunscreen. Sun exposure can fade permanent makeup, so it's important to use sunscreen on the area every day, even on cloudy days. Look for a sunscreen that is labeled as “broad spectrum” and has an SPF of 30 or higher.

  • Using a thick, skin-loving balm or ointment post-procedure will minimize scabbing and is key to ensuring your treatment heals properly.

Pro Tip: Making sure you have a reputable cosmetic tattoo specialist necessary before scheduling your treatment. Inquire if they have any specialized permanent cosmetics training, not just general tattoo training. Confirm a current license from the health department to provide the service you request. Check reviews before choosing a permanent makeup practitioner best for your needs.

Contact Evoluer Microblading and PMU before scheduling your service to determine which treatment is best for you.

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There is no age limit to cosmetic tattoo treatments. Microblading and permanent makeup will fill in thinning hair areas and create a more youthful appearance. Most clients who select cosmetic tattoo treatments are over 50 years of age. With Mature skin, it is important to understand the risks before scheduling your treatment.

  • Eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis or any one of these skin conditions may compromise the surface and texture of matured skin. 

  • All integumentary conditions, such as conjunctivitis, shingles, sunburn, or psoriasis, must be controlled and healed prior to procedure due to the risk of infection, scarring, and optimal results. 

  • Dentures can increase the risk of a candida outbreak on the lips.

  • If you have ever had shingles on your face, the procedure could cause a flare-up.

  • Diabetics have the tendency to both bleed and bruise easily.

  • This can effect color retention, and the healing process may be longer.

  • Facial fillers should not be injected in the pigmented area until completely healed to decrease the risk of infection. If facial fillers have previously been injected, be sure that all swelling has subsided prior to pigmentation to achieve best placement and result. 

  • It is recommended to not tan on your face at the time of appointment. We recommend that you do not tan 30 days prior or 30 days after. Since mature skin is thinner and more delicate, microblading might fade a bit faster. Results typically last around 10-15 months. 

Pro Tip: Nano machine brows or soft powder brow are the best eyebrow options for seniors. Darker eyebrows are ideal for looking younger - they provide a greater contrast to the surrounding skin on the face.

Contact Evoluer Microblading and PMU before scheduling your service to determine which treatment is best for you.

Light Skin
Mature Skin
Dark Skn


Evoluer Microblading and PMU is heartfelt about creating more confidence in the individuals who choose permanent cosmetics as a solution to their daily preparation routine.


Our professional and personable care allows our client's the freedom to be courageous in all other areas of their life.

From non invasive mommy makeovers (creating more time for moms all ages to focus on their day to day) to fuller, more young looking eyebrows and permeant pouty lips - our services provides attractive results without the need for expensive aesthetic surgery.

Microblading and Permanent Makeup is far more affordable than plastic surgery.

Microblading and Permanent Makeup creates a more youthful appearance.

Microblading and Permanent Makeup creates more physical attractiveness for the client.

Microblading and Permanent Makeup saves time in the client's daily self care routine.

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